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SMP Volunteers Make A Difference

Based on most recent U.S. Office of Inspector General Report:

SMP Hawaii Volunteer Benefits

Social Capital

Ongoing Education

Healthy Community

SMP Hawaii Volunteers Choose Their Own Roles

We match your skills and interests to the needs of our program so our volunteers serve in various meaningful and creative ways:

Information Distributor

Volunteers in this role deliver and distribute important information throughout the community providing ongoing personal face to face touch to the public.

Administrative Support

Volunteers in this role are vital in assisting the daily operations of the program and to support the volunteer team.


Volunteers in this role provide and distribute general information at events and exhibits throughout the community. At these events, volunteers will provide tips to attendees on preventing, detecting, and reporting frauds and scams, promote SMP Hawaii services, and recruit volunteers to join.


Volunteers in this role provide important information to the public through educational presentations to various groups. At these gatherings, volunteers will share tips on prevention, detection, and reporting of frauds and scams, promote SMP Hawaii services and recruit volunteers to join.


Volunteers in this role assist beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers to resolve Medicare and other health related errors, fraud or scams.

As the SMP Hawaii program continues to grow, additional roles will be created to meet specific volunteer and community needs.

SMP Hawaii Contact Information:
Phone: 808-586-7281
Toll Free: 1-800-296-9422

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