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National Recognizes SMP Hawaii for Excellence in Outreach

SMP national also recognized its Hawaii chapter for the “August 2023 Fraud Prevention’s Finest SMP Recipient Award.” This award acknowledges consistent excellence in casework, outreach or partnership; models best practices; and encourages other SMPs to improve upon their efforts in these areas. SMP Hawaii received the award for its “fantastic SMP outreach” being conducted throughout the state.

In a special letter, the selection team wrote:

“You and your team are dedicated to the SMP and take every opportunity to educate people on how to prevent Medicare fraud and protect themselves from scams. This includes talking to people while standing in line, outside of church, helping them carry books from the library, or during family reunions. No opportunity is missed.

This year you had several webinar series on different topics related to health care fraud and abuse with partners to help educate beneficiaries, caregivers, and their families. You also created an engaging resource tool to help older adults use technology. Your ongoing digital campaign is also bringing awareness across television, streaming TV, online video, digital display, and search campaigns. As part of your outreach efforts for Medicare Fraud Prevention Week, you had significant media coverage with a 3:46-minute live interview on Hawaii News Now that aired on CBS, NBC, and Telemundo affiliates in Hawaii.”

SMP Hawaii is described as innovative, caring, and generous and makes everyone feel welcome and involved, and its initiatives take into account the diverse populations that its outreach serves in Hawaii.

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