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Medicaid Scam News, Updates & Alerts – 08/17/2021

Timothy Tate, Deputy Attorney – Medicaid Fraud Control Unit State of Hawaii Department of the Attorney General
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Go-Getter’s Guide for Protecting the Whole ‘Ohana – 08/16/2021

Roseann Freitas, Public Relations and Communications Manager Better Business Bureau – Great West and Pacific
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Protecting Loved Ones from Scams: Telephone Calls

As a caregiver, you can help protect your loved one by watching out for scammers. One way scammers reach beneficiaries is by phone. The next time you talk to your loved one, remind them of these tips to help protect them from scams.
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5 Ways to Prevent Pharmacy / Prescription Drug Fraud

Pharmacy and prescription drug fraud is a consistent trend in Medicare. Due to the lucrative nature of prescription drug diversion and pharmacy scams, criminals continue to exploit Medicare Part D. Although there are many types of prescription drug schemes, pharmacy fraud primarily occurs when Medicare is billed for a medication that was not received or […]
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