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Helping Kupuna to Prevent, Detect and Report Medicare Fraud, Errors and Abuse

SMP Hawaii is a volunteer-based federal program administered under the Hawaii State Department of Health – Executive Office on Aging (EOA), the state designated lead agency for the coordination of aging initiatives. We collaborate with a network of partners and advocates to expand outreach and assistance to communities statewide.
State of Hawaii - Executive Office on Aging

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You’re Invited: Why We Must Prioritize Scams as a Crime in the US

Scams targeting consumers and the related losses seem to be growing unabated. Join the AARP Fraud Watch Network and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for a joint presentation on the need to prioritize scams as a crime in the US. Speakers will discuss two recent studies, the AARP-FINRA Foundation’s Blame and Shame in the […]

Kona Caregiver to Caregiver Breakfast Workshop – Nov. 9

Are you helping a family member or friend to age at home in the community? You are not alone! Across the state more than 157,000 “family caregivers” are providing transportation, friendly visits, meals, help with finances, sharing their homes and much more. Join this in-person event and give and accept relevant support to enhance the […]

October 13, 2022 – Developing a Network for Our Shared Journey

October 13, 2022 – Volunteers and guest speakers offer their concluding remarks and hear from attendees on lessons learned and takeaways from this SMP Hawaii special series to build a stronger future for quality caregiving in Hawaii.

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We help you to prevent Medicare fraud by educating you, your family and caregivers
Learn how to protect your Medicare, Social Security and credit card numbers
Learn how to detect potential fraud, scams or billing errors for services you never received
Learn how to report suspected cases and if there are steps to recover your losses

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